Organic Long Lunch

Join us for the Organic Long Lunch event! Come to the Stirling Hotel for an enjoyable afternoon filled with delectable local organic and sustainable food sourced from Stirling and other Adelaide Hills businesses. We are thrilled to host this event in 2024 as it holds a special place in the hearts of our fellow Stirling businesses and others in the Adelaide Hills community. In late 2023, we experienced the loss of the Stirling Mall complex due to a devastating fire, which tragically destroyed the entire complex. Many are unaware of the profound impact this fire had on our local community.

This event serves as an opportunity to welcome people back to Stirling and celebrate the incredible produce that surrounds us. On the day, we will also be organizing a fundraiser to support the local Aldgate and Stirling Country Fire Service (CFS) who tirelessly risked their lives that day to ensure the safety of our community, preventing further loss of businesses and lives.